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Advanced materials for dynamic loading

Moderne Werkstoffe für dynamische Beanspruchungen
: Kunze, H.-D.; Meyer, L.W.; Stiebler, K.

International Summer School on Dynamic Behaviour of Materials for European Engineers and Scientists <1989, Nantes>
Fraunhofer IFAM ()
dynamische Belastung; Leichtmetall; Schweißverbindung; Schwermetall; Stahl; Stoffgleichung; Werkstoff; Werkstoffverhalten; zweiachsig

In this paper emphasis is given to attempts to correlate manufacturing parameters and high-strain-rate properties of metals and alloys. Investigations up to strain rates of epsilon equal or smaller than 10 high 4 s high minus 1 have been performed mainly under tension, some also under compression or bending, in a few cases extended to temperatures different to RT or under biaxial stress conditions. Results are discussed in terms of strength and ductility as influenced by conventional deformation and heat-treatment. Materials under consideration will mainly be high-strength steel, but also some results are presented on Ti, Al, W-heavy-metal alloy, alumina and on welded joints with austenitic and maraging filler metals. The mathematical description of the dynamic plastic flow behavior by a constitutive equation is shown for an austenitic steel. The range of the problems under consideration is determined mainly by the specific questions of applied research and hence the theoretical pictur e must remain necessarily incomplete at this time.