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Anwendungen von transparenter Wärmedämmung in Prozeßwärme- und thermischen Speichersystemen

Applications of transparent insulation materials in process heat and thermal storage systems
: Rommel, M.; Wittwer, V.

Bundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie -BMFT-, Bonn:
Energetische Optimierung der Solarapertur. Statusbericht 1989
Bonn, 1989
Statusseminar über Energetische Optimierung der Solarapertur <1989, Titisee>
Fraunhofer ISE ()

Three different applications of Transparent Insulation Materials (TIM) in the temperature range of 70 degree C to 190 degree C have been investigated: A hot air sterilizer in which medical instruments can be sterilized at temperatures up to 190 degree C has been developed and tested. It is posible to improve flat plate collectors considerably, if a TIM is used as the collector cover. At operating temperatures of about 100 degree C the efficiencies of improved flat plate collectors are comparable with those of evacuated tubular collectors. Also experiments with a small, cube-shaped, transparently insulated storage system have been made. Currently a shallow pond of 20 cm water depth and an aperture area of 5 square meter is being investigated.