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Zerstörungsfreie Risstiefenbestimmung in Betonbauwerken mittels Radiotracerverfahren

: Romme., M.; Langrock, E.-J.; Baumbach, H.

Isotopenpraxis 28 (1993), S.203-209
ISSN: 0021-1915
Euroconference on Neutrons in Surface and at Interfaces <1993, Studsvik>
Fraunhofer IZFP ()
crack depth; environmental protection; Langzeitüberwachung; radiotracer; Rißtiefe; Rißwachstum

At the Leipzig Technical University a method was developed, which allows to determine nondestructively the crack depth in concrete up to 15 cm. Based on a radiotracer technique the access to only one side of the object is required. The labelling of artificial-made cracks was carrie out by use of a transport medium (not miscible with water) on the base of methyl isobutyl ketone (MIBK) and In-113m as radionuclide. For the calculation of crack depth, measure-geometrical paramters were used. The improvement of the reliability of building-diagnostical interpretation using radio-physical parameters is described. A first application is provided for concrete structures below chemical equipments built as a barrier against ecologicall harmful substances (petrol tanks). The intersectional aspect of further qualification of the technique is emphasized.