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Sputtering apparatus for coating glass, packaging material, tools etc. - incorporating tubular electrodes which house magnet systems and are rotatable about their longitudinal axes.
: Kirchhoff, V.; Schmidt, H.; Kopte, T.; Winkler, T.

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DE 1996-19610253 A: 19960315
DE 1996-19610253 A: 19960315
DE 19610253 C2: 19990114
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The sputtering apparatus for coating substrates by the low-pressure glow discharge process includes a coating chamber with at least two sputtering sources consisting of an electrode and a magnet system which is movable relative to the electrode. It also includes means for moving the substrates through the coating zone, and a controllable current source. The apparatus has: a) electrodes (2) which are tubular and can be rotated about their longitudinal axes; b) each electrode accommodating a magnet system (3); c) a current source which switches the electrodes alternatingly as cathodes and anodes; d) before glow discharge is transformed into an arc discharge, a coating process which is interrupted by a regeneration phase; e) substrates (6) being coated which are transported past the electrodes at a constant distance. USE - For coating of packaging material, glass, semi-finished products, tools etc. ADVANTAGE - Sputtering of target material at high rates in a stable, unchanging manner is p ossible over long periods.