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X-ray lithography

: Heuberger, A.

Journal of vacuum science and technology B. Microelectronics and nanometer structures (1988), Nr.1, S.107-121
ISSN: 0734-211X
ISSN: 1071-1023
ISSN: 2166-2746
ISSN: 2166-2754
Fraunhofer ISIT ()
compact storage ring; Kompaktspeicherring; mask technology; Maskentechnologie; Röntgenlithographie; Röntgenresist; X-ray lithography; X-ray resist

X-ray lithography with wavelengths between 0.2 and 5 nm provides both high-structural resolution as good as 0.1 My m and a wide scope of advantages for the application in circuit production. Examples for this better process performance compared to optical techniques are: lower particle and dust sensitivity, applicability of simple-layer resist technique, high depth of focus without any influence of substrate material and chip topography, and presumably, the highest throughput of all lithography methods which are able to go into the submicron range. However, the introduction of x-ray lithography into the semiconductor production means a revolutionary change of production technology. (IMT)