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Workplace exposure during laser-machining

: Klein, R.M.; Dahmen, M.; Pütz, H.; Möhlmann, C.; Schloms, R.; Zschiesche, W.

Journal of laser applications : JLA 10 (1998), Nr.3, S.99-105
ISSN: 1042-346X
Fraunhofer ILT ()
aerosols; capturing; Occupational Safety; TLV; workplace concentratíons

Within the EUREKA 643 project "Eurolaser-Safety in the Industrial Applications of Lasers", the workplace exposure during laser materials processing under manufacturing conditions was determined. Concentrations of airborne pollutants, originating from laser machining, were measured under conditions similar to those encountered in industrial manufacturing processes. A quantitative analysis of the concentrations of airborne substances was carried out using measuring techniques as they are used by the Professional Associations. Selected results of measurements during laser beam cutting of mild steel and stainless steel, welding of stainless steel and zinc coated steel using Nd:YAG and CO lasers will be presented. Different production conditions, the efficiency of certain suction systems, and room ventilation systems have been assessed. Also the exposure to chosen chemical compounds during CO2 laser beam cutting of glass-fiber reinforced polypropylene was determined. The results are compare d with national exposure limit values and are used for recommendations for the use of laser processing systems in industry and the description of useful protective measures.