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Workflow management as teleservice


Rendek, P.:
Networking in the information society : JENC '96. 7th Joint European Networking Conference. Proceedings, Budapest, May 13-16, 1996
Amsterdam: Terena, 1996
Joint European Networking Conference <7, 1996, Budapest>
Fraunhofer ISST ()
system interoperability; workflow management; workflow teleservice

The rapidly growing networks that connect more and more computers offer new levels of communication. This is also valid for the area of workflow management. The VORTEL Project defines a teleservice for th interoperability of workflow management systems. This teleservice integrates heterogeneous workflow management systems of different vendors and allows distributed workflow management. The teleservice consists of a set of protocols for the communication of different classes of workflow management systems components. This paper introduces the generic VORTEL architecture and describes one of the defined protcols in detail. Furthermore, a vision of the use of a workflow teleservice as a public service is given.