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Windel mit einem thermosensitiven oder PH-sensitiven Superabsorber

Re-usable nappy suitable for children, and old and infirm - comprises liquid absorber containing heat sensitive and/or pH sensitive hydrogel.
: Gross, H.; Wack, H.; Althaus, W.

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DE 1997-19730448 A: 19970716
DE 1997-19730448 A: 19970716
EP 1998-902956 A: 19980109
EP 996399 B1: 20020925
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Nappy has a liquid absorbing component containing a heat sensitive and/or pH sensitive hydrogel. USE - Used for children, and the old and infirm. ADVANTAGE - Has a high liquid absorption capacity and can be re-used many times. After use, the plastics components can be recycled and the rest can be composted, making it environmentally friendly.