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Werkzeug zur spanlosen Herstellung von Aussen- oder Innenkonturen an Werkstuecken

Tool for the non-cutting production of the outer and inner contours of workpieces
: Dietrich, K.; Schmidt, S.

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DE 1991-4138126 A: 19911119
DE 1991-4138126 A: 19911119
DE 4138126 A1: 19930527
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The description refers to a tool for the non-cutting production of outer and inner contours on workpieces and in particular of outer and inner threads. The tool has several tool elements which are arranged in a basic state such that the workpiece can be introduced into them, or vice versa in the case of inner threads, and a spreading element which transfers the tool elements to an engaging state by means of a movement which is largely vertical to the surface or in the radial direction, and the tool elements are pressed against the workpiece in such a way that they then form the desired contour without any interstice.