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: Blessing, A.; Gaisberg, A.v.; Schoen, H.; Boley, D.; Burkhardt, N.; Cermak, H.

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DE 1994-4438450 A: 19941028
DE 1995-19540266 A: 19951028
EP 1995-117035 A: 19951028
DE 19540266 A1: 19960530
EP 709536 B1: 20010711
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The description refers to a door closer which has a closing spring for automatically closing the door. When the door is opened manually, the closing spring is compressed. An opening resistance is thus produced. The door is then closed automatically through the action of the closing spring. To obtain greater operating convenience, the invention strives to achieve as low an opening resistance in the door closer as possible when the door is opened manually, but nevertheless closing the door reliably during the closing process. This problem is solved by the fact that the characteristic of the torque acting on the leaf and depending on the rotary angle of the leaf is different for opening than for closing as a result of the interaction of the sliding spring with a control curve which has separate curve sections for opening and closing. This is achieved by a gear wheel in the form of a cam gear interacting with the closing spring with one opening cam and one closing cam. The separate control curve section for opening is on the opening cam and the separate control curve section for closing is on the closing cam. Between the closing spring and the opening and closing cams there is a pressure piece controlled by a switching spring.