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Was Lötroboter heute leisten

: Niemeier, J.

Fracht + Materialfluß : FM 104 (1996), Nr.1-2, S.86-88
ISSN: 0342-3042
ISSN: 1430-9807
Fraunhofer IPK ()
kalte Lötstelle; Positioniersystem; Scara-Roboter

The capability of today's solding robots. The intense interest focussed on soldering robot systems at the Productronica was a reflection of the sustantial market which has opened up in this field, and of the underlying role played by soldering robots in determining the quality of electronic component production. The differences between the individual systems and the trends emerging in this market segment are of interest not only to direct users. The information in this article may help avoid costly investment errors.