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Der Wärmeübergang von Mikrostrukturen durch freie Konvektion

Convective heat transport from microstructures
: Kühl, K.; Lang, W.

ACS Organisations GmbH, Wunstorf:
Sensor '91. Proceedings. Bd.II
Sensor <5, 1991, Nürnberg>
Fraunhofer IFT; 2000 dem IZM eingegliedert
chip; Wärmeübergang

For the design of microstructures (Sensors, Actuators ...) thermal modelling is very important. The heat flow from a microstructure to its surrounding is calculated. The main mechanisms are heat conduction and wall heat transfer. While the simulation of thermal conduction is straight-forward, the heat transfer coefficients of microstructures are not very well known. In this paper calculations on heat transfer from micromechanic diaphragms are presented. The calculations are compared to experiments done with processed structures. Three situations are considered: Influence of temperature, influence of geometry, influence of a heat sink.