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Wärmespeicherbaustein für Gebäude zum Speichern von Solarstrahlungsenergie

Heat storage module for buildings for the storage of solar radiation energy
: Malatidis, N.

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DE 1983-3302324 A: 19830125
DE 1983-3302324 A: 19830125
DE 3302324 C2: 19870611
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The invention relates to a heat storage configuration for buildings, in particular for the storage of solar radiation energy, comprising a cuboid vessel containing a latent storage compound, to which the heat energy to be stored can be supplied or extracted by means of heat-conducting components provided with fins. According to the invention, said heat storage configuration comprises a collector surface for receiving the radiation energy provided on its rear with fins, the vessel containing the latent storage compound and heat pipes (10) connected to a heat exchanger either installed in a heating or industrial water circuit, the whole forming a compact unit in the shape of a box (1) which can be integrated flush in a building wall, said box having a collector surface on one large side (2) whereas the other large side (3) can be directed towards a room to be heated (Figure 4).