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Wärme- und Stoffaustauschreaktor

Heat and substance mass transfer reactor
: Laevemann, E.; Kessling, W.; Heinzl, W.; Jung, D.; Sitzmann, R.

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DE 1992-4221055 A1: 19920630
DE 1993-4321743 A: 19930630
DE 4321743 A1: 19940317
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The description refers to a heat and mass transfer reactor comprising two conduit systems separated from one another by mass, of which one conduit system (heat exchange conduit system) is swept by a fluid or gaseous heating or cooling medium A and the other conduit system (mass transfer conduit system) is swept by a gaseous medium B and another fluid medium C. The reactor according to the invention is characterized by the fact that the heat exchange conduit system is arranged horizontally and the mass exchange conduit system is arranged vertically, and that the further fluid medium is applied at least to part of the inner surface of the mass transfer conduit system in a thin layer.