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Wannentraeger fuer darauf angeordnete Badewannen oder Duschwannen (I)

Insulating structure for bath or shower-trays - comprises support which is arranged underneath bath so as to support bath rim, leaving in between gap which is filled with sound-absorbent material.
: Weber, L.; Mell, J.

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DE 1996-19650553 A: 19961205
DE 1996-19650553 A: 19961205
DE 19650553 A1: 19980610
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The structure comprises a support which is fitted underneath the bath tray so that only the top rim of the bath rests on the support, leaving an in between gap between support and bath. A sound-absorbent material is arranged so as to fill that gap. In the event that plastic or thin steel baths are used, spacer-pieces are positioned between the bottom of the bath and the support. The gap between the bath and support is kept as large as possible so that the sound-absorbent material not compressed when the bath is inserted. The sound-absorption material may consist of mineral or wood wool, foam or organic material and it may come in mat or panel form. It preferably encloses the whole of the bath's exterior. ADVANTAGE - Prevents noise from being transmitted from the bath to adjacent room areas.