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Wandelement zur Raumklimatisierung durch Strahlungsaustausch

Wall element for space air conditioning through radiation exchange - has heat exchange plate with several ventilation apertures.
: Mayer, E.

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DE 1997-19747565 A: 19971028
DE 1997-19747565 A: 19971028
EP 1998-955526 A: 19981028
DE 19747565 C2: 20011025
EP 1027563 B1: 20020605
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NOVELTY - The wall element (1) has at least one heat exchange plate (2). The heat exchange plate has a number of ventilation apertures (3). Air is passed over one side of it, some of which passes through the apertures, to which a filter (4) is fitted. At least two such elements with at least two air inputs (5) are combined to enable the air input of one element to be independent of that of the other so that the temperature of each workplace can be controlled individually. USE - For temperature control of rooms in buildings without forced ventilation. ADVANTAGE - Temperature and air renewal can be controlled without acoustic or thermal load.