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Waermespeicher fuer Heizungs- und/oder Brauchwasseranlagen

Heat store used as energy reservoir - is for heating or water recycling systems and has cavity between tank wall and outer insulation, to form channel for fluid which prevents overheating of heat-carrying liquid inside tank.
: Leonhardt, H.

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DE 1995-19539199 A: 19951020
DE 1995-19539199 A: 19951020
DE 19539199 C2: 20000531
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The heat store is used as an energy reservoir for heating or water recycling systems, and has a tank (5) with a rigid outer wall in order to store a liquid which can be heated. The tank has connections (7,8) for pipes to supply and draw off the heat-carrying liquid, and has an insulating jacket (15) which is arranged around its outside, and which is made from a material which retains its shape. A thermometer is fitted in order to sense the temperature of the liquid. A cavity is formed between the outer wall of the tank and the insulating jacket, and acts as a channel (12) for a fluid whose flow can be controlled in order to prevent the heat-carrying liquid from overheating. The channel has an inlet (I) and an outlet for the fluid flow, and the tank may have at least two zones with different temperatures. USE/ADVANTAGE - The heat-carrying liquid is prevented from overheating.