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Waermedaemmendes Schichtsystem fuer transparente Substrate

Heat insulating layer system for transparent substrate - consists of metallic reflection layers on dielectric base layer, metallic blocking layer, and intermediate layer.
: Schneider, S.; Hartung, U.; Kirchhoff, V.; Soeder, B.; Meier, A.

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DE 1996-19640800 A: 19961002
DE 1996-19640800 A: 19961002
EP 1997-116714 A: 19970925
DE 19640800 C2: 20020117
EP 834483 B1: 20020109
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Heat insulating layer system for transparent substrate consists of one or more metallic reflection layers applied on a dielectric base layer on the substrate, a metallic blocking layer applied on the reflection layer or additionally below it, and an intermediate layer on the blocking layer. The novelty is that the intermediate layer is 5 nm thick and is a metal oxide, nitride, or oxynitride. A dielectric covering layer of oxide, nitride, or oxynitride of a further metal other than of that of the blocking layer. The layer composite made of intermediate layer and covering layer is applied once on the blocking layer. USE - For glass of buildings and vehicles. ADVANTAGE - The layer system has high transmission in the visible region and high reflection in the I.R. region.