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Vorrichtung zur Waermeableitung in einem Chip mittels einer als Peltier-Element ausgebildeten Kuehlstelle

Device for conduction cooling on a chip by means of a cooling point formed as a Peltier element
: Lang, W.; Drost, A.

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DE 1991-4104327 A: 19910213
DE 1991-4104327 A: 19910213
DE 4104327 C2: 19941013
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The present invention relates to a device for heat dissipation in a chip by means of a cooling spot (Peltier cooler) in the form of a Peltier element, by which one or more circuit components and/or sensors can be integrated on the chip together with the Peltier cooler. A thin Si film (Si membrane) covering a recess is arranged on a Si wafer provided with a recess. An insulation film and, above it, a metal film are arranged on the Si membrane; the metal film and the Si membrane are conductively connected via a contact hole in the insulation film. In a preferred version, the Peltier cooler together with the circuit elements and/or sensors arranged on the Si membrane are separated from the Si wafer by isotropic etching of the Si membrane except for at least a web-like connection. Thus, good thermal insulation is attained between the Peltier cooler, the circuit elements and/or sensors to be cooled, and the substrate. The device is produced in a cost-effective manner using known semiconduct or processes, microstructuring and thin-film technology.