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Vorrichtung zur regelbaren Einstellung der Strahlungsmission transparenter Medien

Automatic radiation transmission control for transparent medium esp. glass - uses medium with temp. control and thermotropic material, esp. polymer coating, useful for shading and screening e.g. of conservatory or vehicle sunroof..
: Schoenfeld, U.; Goedeke, H.; Werner, J.

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DE 1995-19521494 A: 19950613
DE 1995-19521494 A: 19950613
DE 19521494 A1: 19961219
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A device for controlling the radiation transmission of transparent media, esp. panes of glass, has a medium that can be tempered to predetermined temps. and is provided with a thermotropic material (I). USE - Used for automatic shading of transparent or translucent structures, e.g. conservatories, facades and roofs; controlling the visibility and screening of interior and exterior walls, e.g. glazed conference rooms; shading sunroofs of vehicles, which also counteracts overheating of the interior without draining the battery; other screening and shading units, textiles, e.g. glass fibre textiles contg. a heatable thin mesh of Cu or Ni alloy, with variable transparency or colour; and switchable thin display systems with a thickness of less than 500 mum. ADVANTAGE - The transmission can be tailored to individual requirements at very low cost. Mechanical constructions are minimised, so that weathering has hardly any effect. The system also minimises the energy input for regulation.