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Vorrichtung zur passiven solaren Beheizung von Gebaeuden

Device for the passive solar heating of buildings
: Liersch, G.F.; Wittwer, V.

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DE 1993-4317858 A: 19930528
DE 1993-4317858 A: 19930528
EP 1994-108001 A: 19940524
DE 4317858 C2: 19960111
EP 626545 A: 19941130
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The invention relates to a device for the passive solar heating of buildings, and consists of a transparent heat insulator (4), absorber (5), weather protection (3) and a housing (7), whereby the device is formed as a closed module and the absorber (5) is in contact with the heat insulator (4), between the absorber and the wall to be heated there is an air gap (8), and two variable air inlet and outlet openings (1) are provided in the housing (7).