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Vorrichtung zur Nachbehandlung von Abgas durch Kombination von Gasentladung und Katalysator

Removal of toxic gaseous components in vehicle exhausts - by a combined electrical discharge and catalytic reaction, using barrier discharge, which can use comparatively low voltages.
: Luetkemeyer, G.; Neff, W.; Pochner, K.; Lepperhoff, G.

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DE 1997-19717160 A: 19970423
DE 1997-19717160 A: 19970423
DE 19717160 A1: 19981029
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Equipment for treating exhaust gas consists of a reaction chamber in which the gas passes around a low-tension electrode (32) which is separated from a high-tension electrode (10) by a dielectric (20). Electrode (32) is an open meshed structure. Also claimed is the process using this equipment. USE - For removal of environmentally harmful gases from the exhaust of vehicles. ADVANTAGE - Comparatively low voltages can be used in barrier discharge. The catalyst is unaffected by the discharge.