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Vorrichtung zur Nachbehandlung von Abgas durch Kombination von Gasentladung und Katalysator

Unit for catalytic and electrical barrier discharge treatment of exhaust gases - has wall electrode covered by dielectric touching perforated-screen counter electrode, to establish localised excitation regions with sized, intervening reaction and after-reaction spaces.
: Luetkemeyer, G.; Neff, W.; Pochner, K.; Lepperhoff, G.

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DE 1996-19616206 A: 19960423
DE 1996-19616206 A: 19960423
EP 1997-923749 AW: 19970423
WO 1997-DE813 A: 19970423
DE 19616206 A1: 19971113
EP 902721 B1: 20010829
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The unit for after-treatment for waste or exhaust gases comprises a reactor chamber, through the length of which the gas flows, from inlet to outlet (61, 62). A first electrode (10) is located on or near a flat dielectric (20) screening it from the reaction chamber. The second electrode (32) is near the dielectric, within the reaction chamber, and is flat and perforated. The second electrode (32) is oppositely-connected to the first electrode. Also claimed is the method of gas after-treatment, in which it passes through an electrical barrier discharge, firstly traversing an excitation region (63) in the same chamber, and shortly afterwards, a region for after-reaction (68). USE - A combined electrical barrier-discharge and catalytic treatment, especially for vehicular exhaust gas treatment. ADVANTAGE - The regions are appropriately separated for the mean duration of reactions taking place, by only a few millimetres. The arrangement avoids direct current flow from the discharge to the c atalyst. The regions are closely successive, avoiding current flow along the wall. The far opposite wall is coated with catalyst, and conventional catalytic materials may be used without decomposition by the discharge. Heat from the discharge can help warm the catalyst surface, assisting with cold start exhaust treatment. Catalyst cooling, required at high engine loadings, may be offset by increased electrical discharge power.