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Vorrichtung zur Messung des zeitlichen Verlaufs der Strahlung von Lasern

Device for the measurement of the temporal progression of the radiation of lasers
: Loosen, P.; Sturm, V.; Drenker, A.

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DE 1988-3820619 A: 19880617
DE 1988-3820619 A: 19880617
DE 3820619 C2: 19921112
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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Device for the measurement of the radiation power of lasers, in particular infrared lasers, comprising a thermal detector which emits a power-related measurement signal. In order to measure rapid power changes in the laser radiation, the device is designed in such a way that a device is provided for integrating locally the laser radiation, and at least a further detector is connected to the said device in addition to the thermal detector, permitting the measurement of radiation power changes of greater bandwidth than the bandwidth detected by the thermal detector and that a circuit for combining the measurement signals of the detectors is divided.