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Vorrichtung zur Lichtumlenkung mittels Totalreflexion

Device for total deflection of solar light, used in buildings - comprises number of parallel and adjacently arranged light deflectors each of which consists of body of transparent material that has semi-cylinder shape.
: Wirth, H.; Nitz, P.; Wittwer, V.

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DE 1997-19700112 A: 19970103
DE 1997-19700112 A: 19970103
EP 1997-953629 AW: 19971216
WO 1997-DE2923 A: 19971216
DE 19700112 C2: 19990304
EP 961902 A1: 19991208
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The device consists of a number of light deflectors which are arranged flat and in parallel to one another and which consist of a body (1) made of transparent material. Each deflector body has a shape of a hollow cylinder which is bisected along its longitudinal axis, the cutting surfaces (S1,S2) of the bisecting cut plane facing the incoming light. Several bisected hollow cylinder bodies with different cylinder radii may be stacked concentrically one in the other, so that the light deflecting components have approximately the shape of a half full cylinder. The inner and outer (r,R) radii of the hollow cylinder and the refraction index of the transparent material in relation to the refraction index of the material surrounding the transparent material are selected; so that incoming light is deflected by multiple total reflection on the inner and outer cover surface of the bisected hollow cylinder to the other bisecting cut surface. USE - Mainly for buildings with large glass areas. ADVA NTAGE - Incoming light is totally reflected backwards within specific predetermined angle area, with total reflecting area being enlargeable and adjustable within wide limits.