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Remote control unit for implement with holder and two hexapods - incorporates input and display units, signals scale, seat and control computer, with sensors having miniature three-dimensional camera.
: Weisener, T.; Barth, O.; Voegele, G.; Wapler, M.; Urban, V.

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DE 1996-19649082 A: 19961127
DE 1996-19649082 A: 19961127
DE 19649082 C1: 19980108
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The transparent holder (19) holding the implement (20) is supported by a first hexapod (17) which is controlled by a control computer (1) to which is connected a second hexapod (24). The second hexapod has a seat (16) for a user. An input unit (23) and a display unit (27) in the form of a 3D screen, 3D spectacles or virtual-reality system are also connected to the control computer. The control computer has a scale for the signals received via the input unit which is in the form of a joystick, space-mouse, data glove, keyboard etc. The implement has sensors with miniature, especially 3D camera. The holder (16) for the first hexapod is annular. ADVANTAGE - The surgeon receives tactile and visual impressions of the operating part and can react directly. Surgical operations such as drilling through or cutting bones, operations on the spine, inner ear or eye can be carried out with high precision.