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Vorrichtung zur automatischen Bearbeitung von Werkstuecken und Montage von Verbindungselementen

Automated assembly machine with tool changer for product mfg. processes - has turret with multiple tools and can be indexed for selection and lowered into working position.
: Hoerz, T.; Haase, W.

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DE 1996-19637177 A: 19960912
DE 1996-19637177 A: 19960912
DE 19637177 C2: 20000608
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The automatic assembly machine has an indexing head (10) that has a number of assembly tools for a range of operations (16). In particular the tools provide delivery of metal or wood dowels, pins or threaded bolts. The indexing head is mounted on a carriage on guides (2) that have linear and rotary drives for indexing and axial movement. The angled positioning of the indexing head ensures that the selected tool (34) is vertical. ADVANTAGE - Provides tools for delivery of fixing elements e.g. screws.