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Vorrichtung zum Vereinzeln und Transportieren des jeweils obersten Blattes eines Stapels von Blaettern oder blattfoermigen Gegenstaenden

Device for separating and transporting the top sheet of a stack of sheets of sheet-shaped objects
: Illig, E.; Gentischer, J.; Schmutz, W.

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DE 1984-3404215 A: 19840207
DE 1984-3404215 A: 19840207
DE 3404215 A1: 19850808
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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In order to increase the separation reliability of the separating device and to initiate in a simple manner at the same time as separation the transport of the separated sheet or sheet-shaped object to the following processing devices, the sheet is contacted by means of a movable suction piece which is connected to a valveless pump (13) generating vacuum and pressure faces in the connecting line alternating only at periodic times. The movement direction of the movable suction piece (6) extends at such an angle (beta) in relation to gravity (G) that the resultant from the lift movement occurring during the vacuum phase and the fall movement of the sheet occurring during the pressure phase obtains a component pointing in the intended direction of conveyance (F). In order to span large stack heights, an additional adjustment device is provided for the movable suction piece or a level-regulated stacking table (2, 4). The stacking table (2) is preferably tilted at a specific angle (alpha) i n relation to the horizontal in order to increase the separating reliability of the separator and the conveying speed of the sheet.