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Vorrichtung zum Verdampfen von Fluessigkeiten

Device for vaporizing liquids
: Klumpp, A.; Hacker, E.

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DE 1993-4319387 A: 19930611
DE 1993-4319387 A: 19930611
DE 4319387 C1: 19940728
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The object of the invention is a device for the evaporation of liquids, in particular of liquid starting substances in the semiconductor industry. The evaporation device according to the invention comprises a heated container with an inlet and outlet, whereby the container wall consists of an outer coating (1) impermeable to liquid and gas, and an inner porous coating (2). The entire inner coating, which, for example, can consist of sinter material, forms the evaporation surface for the liquid. This ensures a complete evaporation of the liquid introduced into the container under optimum control conditions and in an advantageous manner. The evaporation device is used, for example, in the CVD process in semiconductor technology