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Vorrichtung zum Strukturieren einer photolithographischen Schicht

Photolithographic layer formation for microelectronics, flat screen mfr., wafer exposure etc. - producing patterns on spatial light modulator using defined number of addressed pixels.
: Paufler, J.; Seltmann, R.; Kueck, H.

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DE 1995-19522936 A: 19950623
DE 1995-19522936 A: 19950623
EP 1996-914126 A: 19960425
WO 1996-EP1737 W: 19960425
DE 19522936 C2: 19990107
EP 811181 B1: 19980909
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The first pattern (100) is determined by a predetermined number of addressed pixels. A second pattern (102) is produced on a second spatial light modulator which has a multiplicity of pixels. The second pattern has a first area (102a) of addressed pixels, which coincides with the first pattern. Next to the first area of addressed pixels is a second area (102b) of addressed pixels. The first and second patterns are reproduced on an area of the layer to be structured and to be exposed. The second area of the second pattern has an addressed pixel perpendicular to the expansion direction of the first area of the second pattern. USE/ADVANTAGE - Micro system technology, thin-film technology, production of flat screens, direct exposure of semiconductor wafers, formation of masks and reticles for microlithography. Limitation of size of structure increment on basis of pixel width of spatial light modulator and of reproduction diameter of projection lens is eliminated without impairing writing s peed.