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Vorrichtung zum Haerten von Langgut mit Hochenergiestrahlung

Device for hardening long products using high-energy radiation
: Kuepper, F.; Boening, H.; Wissenbach, K.

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DE 1994-4401697 A3: 19940121
DE 1994-4447478 A: 19940121
DE 4447478 C2: 19960208
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Device for the hardening of long products (10) using high-energy radiation, in particular laser radiation (11) comprising a processing head (12) moved relative to the long products (10) and emitting the radiation (11). In order to automate the hardening process, i.e. with an on-line sooting system to increase the absorption of the laser radiation and reduce the reflection load on the processing head, the device is designed in such a way that the processing head (12) has a gas nozzle (14,14') arranged relatively in front of the radiation (11) serving to soot the hardening track (13) and a distance sensor (15,15') arranged relatively behind the radiation (11).