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Vorrichtung zum Greifen von Scheiben und Verwendung der Vorrichtung

Disc gripper mechanism.
: Kluge, A.; Zielonka, G.; Fink, J.

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DE 1998-19802202 A: 19980122
DE 1998-19802202 A: 19980122
DE 19802202 C2: 20001109
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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NOVELTY - The mechanism has two interconnected gripper arms (1,2), which are always in lateral contact with a wafer disc (3) edge at one end. These ends can move radially outwards by pressure, or tension, of the holder. The other ends of the gripper arms are secured in a holder (7). DETAILED DESCRIPTION - There are elastic elements, which can return the ends of the gripper arms into the initial position after release of the holder. The gripper arms are preferably made of titanium. The disc engaging ends of the gripper arms are fitted with slide shoes (5) with recesses for the disc retention. USE - For handling semiconductor wafers, etc. ADVANTAGE - No need for vacuum for reliable, contamination-free gripping of wafer, even of large size.