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Vorrichtung zum Austragen eines pulverfoermigen oder koernigen Stoffes

System for discharge of powdery-granular material from storage bin with dosing unit - has orbital plane to horizontal including angle 0 to 180 deg. with at least decanting or storage section at outer side of dosing unit away from rotation axis A.
: Deimling, L.; Blanc, A.; Strohbeck, U.

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DE 1996-19651919 A1: 19961213
DE 1997-19752532 A: 19971127
DE 19752532 C2: 19991021
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The system has at least one dosing unit (14) provided with at least one decanting or storage section (17,21) for accepting a selected vol. of material from a storage container (1) and a pneumatic receiving unit for accepting material from the dosing unit. The orbital plane of the dosing unit to the horizontal, includes an angle variable between 0 and 180 deg. The at least one decanting or storage section, is arranged at the outer side of the dosing unit facing away from the at least one rotational axis (A). The decanting or storage section is filled using blade type elements (20) rotating parallel to the decanting or storage section, accepting the powdery or granular material from the storage container. The dosing unit is arranged inside the storage container and rotates vertically. ADVANTAGE - Facilitates continuous and selected discharge also of sensitive powdery material from storage container.