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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur teilchenselektiven Abscheidung duenner Schichten mittels Laserimpuls-Abscheidung (PLD)

Device and process for the particle-selective deposition of thin layers by means of laser deposition
: Meyer, C.F.

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DE 1994-4417114 A: 19940516
DE 1994-4417114 A: 19940516
DE 4417114 A1: 19951123
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to semiconductor engineering and refers to a device and a process by which, for example, high-purity thin layers can be produced. The invention is based on the technical problem of reducing the number of drops and target particles in thin layers by an order of magnitude. The problem is solved by a device which contains at least a target, a substrate, a process gas and a device for creating an electrical substrate bias. The problem is furthermore solved by a process whereby a laser plasma is produced by a laser pulse on the target surface, said laser plasma aligned in the half chamber located above the substrate surface, furthermore at least one process gas is injected and a high-frequency electrical field and an electrical field generated by the substrate bias are built up in the half chamber located above the substrate surface.