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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zur Abstands- und/oder Glanzgradmessung

Surface distance measurement device, e.g. for shape measurement of glass panes
: Koerner, K.

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DE 1997-19758260 A: 19971231
DE 1997-19758260 A: 19971231
DE 19758260 A1: 19990708
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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NOVELTY - An optical system (5) directs a first light beam (B1) from a first direction onto a region of the surface (A) and receives it again. The optical system directs a second light beam (B2) from a second direction to the same region of the surface, and receives it again. The device superimposes both received light beams or their derived signals, mirror inverted with respect to each other in at least one direction. USE - For measuring three-dimensional profiles of glass panes for windows for motor vehicles, high speed rail vehicles or aircraft. ADVANTAGE - Precise and reliable measurement of reflective surfaces.