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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zum Umformen von Werkstuecken mit Laserdiodenstrahlung

Laser diode appts. for workpiece shaping - comprises detector unit for determining spatial deformation of workpiece, and processing and regulating unit for determining process parameters.

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DE 1995-19514285 A: 19950424
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An appts. for workpiece shaping with laser diode radiation has a detector unit, for determining spatial deformation of the workpiece, and a processing and regulating unit, for determining process parameters for further radiation exposures in accordance with a comparison between the actual and desired deformation states. The novelty is that several diode lasers are correspondingly arranged over the workpiece contour to be deformed for directing laser light directly onto the workpiece surface. USE - E.g. for local expansion or constriction of a tube, bending of a sheet or formation of a curved dish from a disc. ADVANTAGE - The appts. has an optical structure with few attenuating components which affect the laser diode efficiency.