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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zum Plattieren

Device and process for plating
: Krause, V.; Wissenbach, K.; Beyer, E.; Vitr, G.; Treusch, H.G.

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DE 1994-4429913 A: 19940823
DE 1994-4429913 A: 19940823
EP 1995-928975 AW: 19950821
WO 1995-DE1126 A: 19950821
DE 4429913 C1: 19960321
EP 777549 B1: 19991229
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The invention relates to a device for the plating of two or several metal plates, strips and similar through the absorption of laser beam energy. The device is provided with beam-shaping optical devices which shape the laser radiation to form a beam with a rectangular cross-section. The beam source used is a general laser diode arrangement, whereby several laser diodes are always arranged adjacent on the same plane to form laser diode bars and said laser diode bars can be placed adjacently, or stacked to produce any length. In order to homogenize the laser beam of the general laser diode arrangement into a rectangular beam cross-section, special devices are provided, such as a wedge-shaped convergent prism, a glass plate with a rectangular cross-section and reflecting limiting devices and similar. The rectangular beam cross-section heats constantly only locally defined zones of shallow spatial depth on both of the metal plate surfaces to be plated in plastic state. Moreover, measuring and control devices are provided to control the laser performance of the general laser diode arrangement and/or the change in the feed velocity of the two metal plates to be plated together.