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Vorrichtung und Verfahren zum Messen einer Messgroesse bei einem Kunststoff-Spritzgiessverfahren

Sensors, esp. thermocouples for use during plastic injection moulding - are fitted in pairs spaced slightly apart to provide signals esp. for evaluation by a neural network on flow velocities and variations with time.
: Hellstern, P.; Boog, C.; Fischer, G.; Schmidberger, E.

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DE 1997-19709609 A: 19970308
DE 1997-19709609 A: 19970308
DE 19709609 A1: 19980924
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A measurement is made of a property during plastic injection moulding, e.g. the temperature of a molten plastic (4), by using at least two sensors (6,7) which are spaced some distance apart. USE - Improved temperature sensing method in the confined space available in an injection moulding tool. ADVANTAGE - Twin sensors provide additional information and give greater accuracy.