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Vorrichtung und Verfahren fuer das Ablaengen (Schneiden) von Rohren und anderen zylindrischen Bauteilen beliebiger Querschnittsform

Cutting pipes and other cylindrical components into lengths - having two diametrically opposed laser beams whose motion is synchronised with feed motion of component.
: Lenk, A.; Morgenthal, L.; Pollack, D.

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DE 1997-19729825 A: 19970711
DE 1997-19729825 A: 19970711
DE 19729825 C1: 19981112
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The apparatus for continuous cutting pipes (6) and other cylindrical components with any cross-sectional shape into lengths includes means for producing two laser beams. For focussing, each of the beams is provided with a mirror (3) located respectively at distances (a+c) and (b+d) from the pipe axis. Each mirror is mounted on a rotatory unit (7, 8) whose axis of rotation is parallel to the pipe axis and is located at a distance (a, b) from the latter. The two laser beams hit a reflective element (11) in opposition to one another. Rotation of the mirrors (3) is arranged so that at the start of cutting the beams are positioned at one edge of the reflective element and during subsequent cutting corresponding to mirror rotations through 180 deg. are brought to the other edge of this element. The feed rate of the pipe (6) is synchronised with the rate of advance of the beams from one edge to another of the reflective element (11). ADVANTAGE - Cutting is carried out without having to interr upt the feed motion of the component. Problems connected with accelerations/decelerations and accurate positioning of the cutting head are eliminated.