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Vorrichtung für die automatische Fertigung von Aussparungen und Montage von Einpresselementen, wie z.B. Holz- oder Kunststoffdübel

Device for automatic assembly of press-in elements, especially for coupling to manipulator, e.g. industrial robot - has base support module with at least one module interchange system, and drilling or milling module provided for forming recesses for press-in elements.
: Hoerz, T.; Breuter, M.

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DE 1995-19548431 A: 19951222
DE 1995-19548431 A: 19951222
DE 19548431 C2: 19981217
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For the realisation of modular type construction a base support module (100) with at least one module interchange system (110,115) is provided. A drilling or milling module is provided for forming the recesses for the press-in elements. The drilling or milling module has a blast air unit with a nozzle for blowing out swarf remaining behind in the recesses. A jointing module is provided for driving in the press-in elements. ADVANTAGE - Provides a flexible fully automatic complete assembly of the most varied press-in elements.