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Vorrichtung zur qualitativen und/oder quantitativen chemischen Analyse einer Substanz, insbesondere zur Analyse einer Metallschmelze

Vorrichtung fuer die chemische Analyse einer Substanz (A1)
Device for the chemical analysis of a substance
: Sturm, V.; Sattmann, R.

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DE 1993-4341860 A1: 19931208
DE 1994-4443407 A: 19941207
DE 4443407 C2: 19990722
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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A device for the qualitative and/or quantitative chemical analysis of a substance, in particular for the analysis of a metal melt, comprises a device for extracting a sample of the substance, a laser, an arrangement for pointing the laser beam onto the sample material to evaporate and/or excite it, a chamber containing a plasma, whereby the plasma contains evaporated sample material and excites the same or provides additional excitation, an optical arrangement to detect plasma emission radiation and a spectrometric evaluator for the detected radiation emission of the plasma. In order to form a device in order to avoid the disadvantages according to the state of the art, which are caused in particular by optical devices with which laser beams are directed onto the surface of the sample, at least part of the arrangement for pointing the laser radiation is designed as waveguides, whereby one sample-side end of the waveguide is pointed to the substance, the laser radiation is injected into the waveguide assigned to the injection end of the laser, and guided to the sample-side end.