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Vorrichtung fuer das Einspannen von duennwandigen Hohlprofilen

Insert for clamping thin-wall hollow profiles for internal pressure testing in particular
: Rupp, A.; Loritz, H.; Merten, W.

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DE 1989-3904903 A: 19890217
DE 1989-3904903 A: 19890217
DE 3904903 C2: 19940728
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to an insert for clamping thin-wall hollow sections, which comprises a support element whose outer cross-section is complementary to the inner cross-section of the hollow section. The rigid support element is divided into several support wedge elements and supplemented by a rubber-elastic support element on which, preferably, a hose designed to hold a flow medium for internal pressure tests is fitted. The support wedge elements have a clamping device for clamping them together and against the internal surfaces of the hollow section. The rubber-elastic support element has compression device. There must also be at least one channel passing through the clamping and compression device to feed in and carry off flow medium in the interior of the hollow section, particularly the hose. The thin-wall hollow section of this type supported on the inside can be clamped by means of an external clamping device without deformation and tested for strength in this state u nder def ined, reproducible clamping conditions