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Anordnung fuer Lichtleitsystem

Light guide system arrangement - consists of parabolic concentrators filled with light-refracting medium with longitudinal axis of trough aligned parallel to direction of light to be guided.
: Goetzberger, A.

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DE 1996-19620406 A: 19960521
EP 1997-108123 A: 19970520
EP 810409 B1: 20000315
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The arrangement comprises several trough-shaped parabolic concentrators (3,4,8), filled with a light-refracting medium. The longitudinal axis of the trough is aligned parallel to the direction of the light to be guided. The trough has an acceptance angle of at least 45 deg. , and has maximum light concentration consistent with total reflection. A metallic reflector (6) is positioned at the smaller end of the concentrator (3), separated from it by a very narrow air gap (5). Additional concentrators (4,8) separated by air gaps, consist of a material of a higher refractive index than the first concentrator, and-or have an acceptance angle of almost 90 deg. . USE - Systems with very high degree of reflection. To reflect daylight into the interior of buildings. ADVANTAGE - Reduces reflection losses.