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Anordnung aus Laserdioden und einem Kuehlsystem sowie Verfahren zu deren Herstellung

Setup comprising laser diodes and a cooling system and a process for their production
: Treusch, H.G.; Krause, V.; Buechler, A.

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DE 1993-4315580 A: 19930511
DE 1993-4315580 A: 19930511
DE 4315580 A1: 19941117
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention relates to setups comprising semiconductor laser diodes, a cooling system and processes for their production. In particular, the invention relates to a component or a setup comprising one or several laser diodes, designed as horizontal or vertical emitters, and a thermally coupled cooling system in layer structure, whereby the cooling system comprises microchannels, feed and drain channels and, if necessary, distributing and collection channels through which a cooling medium circulates. The process according to the invention for the production of the cooling system is based on the idea that the channels can be implemented by laser machining, punching or galvanization. In particular, laser machining and galvanization permit both a 3-dimensional and a 2-dimensional preparation for production of individual cooling channel layers. The invention permits the simple realization of microchannel heat sinks comprising 2, 3 and more layers with almost any design of microchannel in a large number of materials, e.g., copper and diamond. A preferred design variant of the invention consists of the fact that the cooling system has one or several large-surface areas comprising microchannels on which a large number of laser diodes or submounts consisting of thermally coupled laser diodes is arranged. The component can also consist of several modules comprising cooling channels and laser diodes which are vertically stacked or arranged side by side.