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Annealing of far infrared photoconductors with infrared diode lasers.

Ausheilen von Ferninfrarot-Photoleitern mit Infrarot-Diodenlasern
: Wolf, J.; Lemke, D.; Schießl, U.; Tacke, M.; Schiessl, U.

Experimental Astronomy. Vol.2
Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers Group, 1991
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Fraunhofer IPM ()
Aktor; chemischer sensor; Mikroelektronik; Physikalischer sensor; Prozeßsteuerung; sensor; Umweltschutz

Within the framework of a study concerning the possible contribution of microelectronics to an improved environment protection the role of sensors and actuators has been investigated. Sensors are essential elements for the measurement of the state of the environment as well as for the control of industrial processes towards less harmful emission. The state of the art of sensor technolgoy relevant to environment protection is presented. It is found, that the application of microelectronics for protection purposes decisively depends on the availability of suitable sensors. Further, it is found, that physical sensors, mainly applied for process control, are available, but their performance could be improved by more electronic conditioning. However, there is a considerable demand of chemical sensors, and their development is an urgent task.