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Visualisierung und Interaktion im Zeitalter des Mobile Computing

: Encarnacao, J.L.; Kirste, T.; Strack, R.

Informationstechnik und Technische Informatik : it + ti 38 (1996), Nr.3, S.41-47
ISSN: 0944-2774
Fraunhofer IGD ()
distributed systems; global information system; mobile computing; visualisation

Inexpensive mobile data communication - based, e.g., on cellular phone networks - enables the access to data and services for "everyone, anytime, anywhere". At the same time, global information systems begin to emerge, which provide a unified access to multimedia data and services. However, the mobile access to these information repositories is being hampered by the technical constraints of the underlying hardware, especially with respect to interactive multimedia applications. Central challenges are low bandwidth in comparison to local-area networks, resource constraints of mobile devices, and massive changes in the information stock. Based on an integrative view of systems and data models for mobile information visualization, this paper discusses solution strategies which address these challenges. Furthermore, we discuss prototype applications being developed at our institute ("HyperFunk", "Active Multimedia Mail") and the basic research project "MOVI".