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Anlage zur Niederdruck-Plasmabehandlung und Plasmabeschichtung von Pulvern

Equipment for handling low-pressure plasma and plasma coating of powders
: Kruse, A.; Vissing, K.D.

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DE 1995-19502187 A: 19950125
DE 1995-19502187 A: 19950125
DE 19502187 C2: 19961212
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The description refers to an equipment for the low-pressure plasma handling and plasma coating of powders consisting of a rotary drum plasma coating chamber and a trickling device arranged in said drum for the homogeneous spraying of powder at a defined trickling speed and a controllable device for adjusting the dwell time of the powder in the chamber. Arranged on the inside of the rotary drum (1) about its circumference are drivers (2) which are usable alternately as drivers d, e, f and trickling devices h, a, b. The drivers (2) cover the entire length of the rotary drum (1) and are formed from two mainly vertical, stacked walls forming an L-section (5, 6). The wall (6) facing away from the rotary drum wall is shaped in the form of an arc and is provided with openings (7) which are adjustable to the powder particle size.