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A virtual reality testbed for robot applications

: Neugebauer, J.-G.; Strommer, W.; Schraft, R.D.

Asociacion Espanola de Robotica:
23rd International Symposium on Industrial Robots '92. Proceedings
Barcelona, 1992
ISBN: 84-604-3652-7
International Symposium on Industrial Robots <23, 1992, Barcelona>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
dataglove; Datenhandschuh; human-machine interface; Industrieroboter; Mensch-Maschine-System; simulation; virtual reality

The paper will describe the development of a Virtual Reality testbed for robot applications. This testbed was created to investigate the benefits of the new technology of man-machine-interfacing to robot simulation systems and to robot control systems. With this testbed, simulation concepts for industrial robots such as off-line programming, off-line teaching and robot work cell planning were evalutated. Furthermore, new concepts were developed in the area of teleoperation. Different to conventional robot simulation, human factors play an important role in virtual reality applications and have a strong influence on hardware and expecially software developments.