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Virtual reality in the OR of the future

: Ziegler, R.

New technologies in surgery. Workshop proceedings
Workshop New Technologies in Surgery <1996, Norderstedt>
Fraunhofer IGD ()
3D reconstruction; biosignal; interaction technique; OP 2000; perceptive computing; segmentation; virtual reality

The aim of the project currently performed at the Fraunhofer Institute for Computer Graphics is the application of new analysis, visualization and interaction tools as components of the scenary of a coming operation theatre. Up to now, CT, MR and entire body sections of the obduction of the visible human have been used as input data for obtaining a human three-dimensional reference model. The data are presented in a virtual reality environment provided with progressive interaction tools. For the future, it is intended to provide support not only for planning operations but also to offer an online operation support. Here it is essential to provide an environment as intuitive and familiar for the surgeon as possible ensuring a maximum of computer support. This can be reached by an optimal synthesis of real and computer-generated data and by including different human senses (visual, acustic, haptic).