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Virtual reality - an appropriate tool for the office design

: Schneider, R.; Bauer, W.

Khalid, H.M. ; South-East Asian Ergonomics Society:
Fifth Southeast Asian Ergonomics Society Conference on Human Factors Vision: Care for the future
Louisville, Ky.: IEA Press, 1997
ISBN: 0-9653395-3-X
Conference on Human Factors Vision <5, 1997, Kuala Lumpur>
Fraunhofer IAO ()
business process; virtual ANTHROPOS; VRML

With the change of the view of the office from a physical building to a process, new aspects become a part of the office design. The design of offices covers not only the physical building but also the network-structures for the building automation, the information and communication technology and the business processes. Virtual Reality (VR) is already a well established visualization tool for the design of buildings on a high-end level. The visualization of business processes doesn't require high-end solutions but new concepts and methods for the visualization. Smaller data-models are sufficient. These models can also run on a PC via the internet and give new possibilities for cooperation between remote planing partners. High-end solutions with the implication of new functions like acoustics and collision detection will bring the virtual environments more and more to reality. VR will not be limited to very costly high-end applications with the growing performance of the PC's. It will be tool for all levels of the office design.